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Silver Dolphin Bistro

This project provides miscellaneous repairs, renovations, and upgrades to the existing Silver Dolphin Bistro serving lines, small toilet room.  Men's & Women's Locker/Restrooms.  Work includes renovating the main serving line and VIP serving line which replaces food-serving equipment, replacing electrical devices, panels and associated wiring with new ones.  Work includes installing new serving counter, new storage cabinetry, replacing ceiling tiles and the patching/painting of existing floors and walls.

​Work on the Locker/Restroom/Janitor rooms includes replacing doors, lockers, plumbing fixtures and accessories, as well as painting the tile floor and walls.  Replacement of electrical devices, panels, conduits, and wiring, as well as the installation of toilet partitions, exhaust fans, registers and ductworks are also included.


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